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Seasonal Treats


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Altearah Bio Summer Essential

AED 185

45 minutes

Tap into this seasons Serenity, Tenderness and Joyous summer vibrations using the power of colors and essential oils.

45 minutes stop over that includes Himalayan salts scrub that will leave your legs feeling lighter and looking silky combined with a back massage that is deeply relaxing providing immediate wellbeing.

MAMA GLO’ – A Lightening-Up Pre & Post Natal Body Treatment

AED 270

60 minutes

Pamper your skin with this all natural and safe to use during pregnancy full body scrub that leaves your skin smooth, brighter and hydrated from its amazing combination of ingredients. Your body is then cocooned, and a 30 Minute Foot Massage follows that is great for aches, pains and water retention - a common thing during pregnancy and immediately after delivery.

Prenatal Scrub - Strawberry Guava. Revitalizes the skin and helps to even out skin color leaving your skin feeling velvety.

Postnatal Scrub - Refreshing iced coffee. Reenergizes and helps to keep skin supple and firm. 

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