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Hands and Feet

Sakura Manicure

Sakura Pedicure

Sakura Signature Manicure

Sakura Signature Pedicure

Gel Russian Manicure

Dry Russian Pedicure

60 AED

75 AED

85 AED

100 AED

115 AED

60 AED


your nail experience 

*Add-on booked along with any nail treatment

R-Colour / French / Ombre

G-Colour / French / Ombre

Change Gel Color / French

10/15/30 AED

55/75/70 AED

90/110 AED

Add Russian Pedicure

20 AED

Gel orAcrylic

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Natural Extensions

Natural Refill

Stick Ons Natural With Color

315 AED

210 AED

100 AED